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Own your roadmap

Show everyone where you’re going: with one click, generate links or create PDFs and send your roadmaps to stakeholders and users outside of Craft.  

Share your roadmap with anyone, anytime

Build your roadmaps according to OKR, dateless mode (”Now”, “Soon”, “Future” instead of dates), or any other practice your team prefers.

Plan and work with any methodology

Create your own lanes, toggle views, set your own terminology, even choose your own colors for each version. There’s a view for everyone.  

Customize your roadmaps to fit your team’s needs

Gather your team

Now bring your vision to life.

Craft’s product management software is designed to flow seamlessly with your natural process: ideate, spec, roadmap, build  

Visual, human-friendly UI

Craft’s roadmaps are designed with humans in mind – visual, accessible, colorful and easy to master.

View your entire portfolio

View multiple product roadmaps to get a full picture of your teams’ workload and goals.

Connect stories, epics and requirements

Assign items from Craft’s Discover area to versions, allowing the team to follow the entire product management process

Drag & Drop 


Make the most of Craft’s visual approach: add containers to versions by dragging & dropping.

Anys Mechkar - Proximedia allows us to easily collaborate between our product team and the multiple stakeholders involved through 4 countries. We can discuss our ideas and plan our sprints and releases, with the assurance that anyone can easily see and understand what is going on.

Craft is the single source of truth for our product team. In it, we centralize all questions for each third-party and client, and our full backlog. No more time wasted updating Google Spreadsheets and Jira, Craft takes care of it, and allows us to focus on our job, building the right product.

Théo Blochet - Fueled

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